Hello One and All....Welcome To my "Motorcoaching America" web site!  I've been a Professional Tour Bus Driver for over 34 years and traveled this great nation of ours.  During that time I've learned how to generate extra income with Tour Buses and believe me it can be fun and profitable. I am retired from Tour Bus driving and am pursuing my musical career as a Country Music Singer at this time. I am now at a point where I can help others by being a "Mentor" and teaching you how to do the same things I do to generate extra cash!  I have put together an exquisite "Email Training Course" that will help all of my students to generate the extra income they desire. The income opportunity is staggering!  Consider this for a moment....Let's pretend that you live in Phoenix, AZ and you want to put together a "Party Bus" going to Las Vegas, NV.  The drive is only about 6 hours via Motorcoach!  (Note: Motorcoach is another popular name for Tour Buses and it will be used a lot on this webpage and throughout my email training course!)  Now, you MUST consider one factor that is a "sure thing" in any economy and that is just this.  Everyone wants and needs a little fun and entertainment in their lives.  It's a proven fact............You CANNOT work 24/7/365 without some type of entertainment in your life. Just try it-you'll go nuts!  Entertainment comes in all forms such as going out to a movie, having dinner out with that special someone, taking the family out to to eat or a weekend boating on the lake etc.etc...  These are all entertainment getaways!  The same is appicable when you organize a "Party Bus" going to Las Vegas with one big difference....YOU GET PAID TO DO IT!   You say, "This is all well and good but I don't know how to do this"!  Well, you're right, you don't know how to do it and neither does 99% of the people reading this but that's where I can help you.  You see, with the coming of the Internet I can now "be everywhere at once" so to speak.  All I have to do is put the training program into place and then invite people to come to this website where they can read about it, submit their inquiries and then sign up to take my Email Training Course!  Once you learn how to do this you can earn an additional income while you're having fun with your friends and neighbors.  And get this...You DON'T have to quit your day job to do this!  As a matter of fact I strongly suggest you DO NOT quit your day job. This email course is designed specifically to give you "Additional" Income and NOT to replace your present income. There are additional tax advantages involved with this opportunity also.  (We'll get into that a little later)  For right now, you have a decision to make...Do I want to learn how to do this or not?  That's a question only you can answer!  (You're either interested or you're not! Remember this:  If you don't want to do it someone else will & "someone else" will make the extra income.)

Now, let's take a look at a couple of other options.  These are just scenarios that you could find yourself in.  I'm going to list a state where you might live and then give you an idea about where you could take a group and make money at the same time!  Here goes....

Arizona.....The Arizona State Fair (A One Day Bus Trip):  Arizona.....A Visit To Tomb-stone  (Also known as "The Town To Tough To Die" (A One Day Bus Trip); Arizona.....A Visit To Tombstone and then to the Triangle T Dude Ranch in Dragoon, AZ for A Sunset Cookout and my Country Music Show; Arizona.....A Vist To the Grand Canyon National Park (One Day or Overnight)

Indiana.....A Visit To The "Spirit of Vincennes Rendevouz" Festival (This can be a One Day Trip or an overnight adventure); Indiana.....A Visit To the Indiana State Fair held each year in Indianapolis (A One Day Bus Trip)          

Pennsylvania.....A One Day Trip to Gettysburg National Military Park  (This can also be an overnight adventure); Pennsylvania......The Pennsylvania State Fair

You see where I'm going with this right?  Anywhere you live there are opportunities that abound for you to make "Extra Income".  The reason why!  I'll tell you straight out....People like to travel together especially with other people "they know" and they don't want the hassles of driving, paying for parking, taking the chance of being in an accident and any other variable you can think of.  They especially don't want to pay the high costs of fuel that is currently hitting us in the US market place.  It is so much easier to leave the driving "to a Pro" and go on a Party Bus.  in short, this economy we're in right now has generated a "need" for trained personnel who want to take the bull by the horn and run with it.  Are you bullish enough to grasp the opportunity that lies before you?  If so, then contact me at my email address listed and let me know. Take action now by going to the "Credentials" section and learning a little more about myself (the author of this page) and why I have the right to teach this course.  Then continue on to the "Training Section" and  get all the details!  (Note:  I even have a surprise or two up my sleeve and you are going to be pleasantly delighted when you see what they are!)